President Desk

The President (Sanjay Memorial Inst. of Technology, Brahmapur)

Shri Dr. Bhagaban Gantayat

President, S.M.I.T., Brahmapur (ODISHA)

Foreword by the President

Youth today are the inheritors of the great traditions of Indian and are the destiny makers of the future. The quantum jump in technology which India enjoys today has been possible by the enthusiasm of the young. We in SMIT believe in the forward march of youthful exuberance, creativity and meaningful continuation for the generations to enjoy. We envision a brighter tomorrow by making our TODAY vibrant & rigorous. We greet the youth in our campus with love, care & attention and promise to shape them to build the foundation of greatness in their personal & professional life. I invite all our students to the challenging task ahead and wish him holistic success.


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